"I felt like I was parachuting into Manila"

Pete Wells, New York Times, Review


JEEPNEY FILIPINO GASTROPUB is Nicole Ponseca’s and Miguel Trinidad's second restaurant and brother to Maharlika Filipino Moderno. It’s named after the "Jeepney", the WWII jeeps left behind by US occupation. Filipinos took the left-over jeeps chopped them up and tricked them out, creating a vibe, a mode of transport and a symbol that is uniquely Filipino. That is the essence of being of Jeepney and being Filipino - its a vibe, a mode, and a symbol of uniqueness. Jeepney was on the fore-front of popularizing Filipino Food and its first-mover status, awards, and press cemented its cred as pioneers and has inspired chefs and restaurants around the world with it's take on Filipino Food, the Original Kamayan Night, the award-winning burger  and Tiki cocktails.

Nicole Ponseca



Miguel Trinidad.jpg

Miguel Trinidad

Executive Chef