Our Lechon is a 25 lb. Suckling Pig and needs to be ordered at least 4 business days in advance, since our pig is cured for two days and stuffed with longanisa sausages. It is an additional $350 per party. Please confirm with us if you would like a Lechon to be added to your table. 

Please be advised that your reservation time does not coincide with the time you are seated. When your party arrives, we will start preparing your preordered Kamayan menu. We start cooking when your party is here so that your food is the freshest. Please anticipate an approximate 20 - 30 minutes of plating time required for your table to be built for your enjoyment. For example, If you arrive for your reservation at 7:00PM you should expect your seat time to be approximately 7:30PM or sooner. During this time, should your party wish to enjoy a drink please join us at at the bar!

If you have vegetarians in your group it is not a problem! You can still reserve for your number of guests but please let us know how many vegetarians are in attendance and our chef will curate a customized vegetarian spread with its own section on the table.

The whole menu is created for sharing. We build a foundation of rice which becomes the home for all the treats you have selected. We will architecturally sculpt your food items directly on top of your rice into an edible art piece. Therefore, we suggest you confirm any allergies you or your guests may have. For example, if someone has a shellfish allergy, we can make sure it's plated separately from other dishes. Certain dietary preferences and or needs may be harder to accommodate such as but not limited to: gluten free and vegan. Please feel free to check with us before submitting a menu so that you are sure that the selections can be enjoyed and that everyone's experience can be maximized.

We can accept party size changes up until 24 hours prior to your reservation date via email only. Your reservation is considered a guarantee of attendance and your table will be built based upon your submitted menu contract. If your group or a member of your group should cancel entirely within the 24 hours of reservation date you will be responsible for a cancellation fee of 50% of the table cost. If your group or a member of your group does not show up for the reservation or cancel entirely on the day of, this will incur a cancellation fee of 100% of the table cost.

If you ordered a Lechon, any cancellations made 4 days in advance will result in a cancellation charge of the price of the Lechon itself, $350.

We allocate two hours for our Kamayan reservations from your booking time. Please note that your table may be rebooked for other guests after the allotted two hours of dining. Therefore, we recommend checking in a little earlier than your scheduled kamayan time and that your party is complete by the reservation time so that your party has ample time to fully enjoy their kamayan feast and others can continue to enjoy, as well!

Children under the age of 5 years old are free. Children between 5 and 10 years old are half off. Please let us know how many children are attending and their ages so the kitchen can accommodate accordingly. 

For your convenience, the additional 20% gratuity will be viewable in the proposal and contract. This gratuity will not be taxed. It will be distributed in its entirety to the service staff that works your event.

If you would like to bring a cake or any outside desserts, please note that there is a cake cutting and plating service charge of $3.50 per person. 

Your reservation is confirmed once we have received your menu package and you have signed the contract and have had your credit card authorized. The contract and credit card authorization form is sent after your menu package is received.